Repair of Pelham Puppet Concluded

For the beginning parts of this repair please see the earlier blog post. Now that the glue and filler has dried we need to match the face colour and paint over the repair. Its a gradual painstaking affair of trial and error.

But slowly we get there. Patience is the key…as it is with all repair work. .

And here we have it, as they say my grandmother wouldn’t spot it riding past on a horse!

And now for Something else

Found behind a fuse cupboard in St Francis’ Church Dudley we have this framed print of what is now known as The Priory Ruins in Priory Park Dudley. There is a description in the bottom right hand corner that describes the  Priory’s ownership. It also details the date when the original 1731 engraving was made.

It is in need of a tidy up so we’ve been cleaning the frame and glass. As the glass was particularly grubby on both sides we decided to open the frame up. To our surprise The back is packed with a Newspaper from January 1934. 

Amongst the various articles of reportage a photo reveals how, in 1934 trees fallen across a road were cut up. No chain saws here.