Workshop Maintenance

It might not seem that obvious but workshops need constant care. Tools need sharpening, machines adjusting and benches need making or adapting. In line with traditional Heritage workshop practice making and fixing stuff in house is very much in line with workshop practice over 100’s of years.  In this post we are going to show some of the workshop maintenance tasks we’ve been working on over this last year or so. This is not intended to give a ‘how to’ on instruction – this will happen over subsequent blogs, so please forgive a potential lack of information.  Our first photo shows a recently completed chisel rack necessitated by our growing collection of chisels. And of course chisels need to be kept sharp. 

We are fortunate to have access to a Tormek Wetstone sharpening system that keeps our plane blades and chisels sharp. Similarly our card scrapers need to be kept sharp so we made ourselves an edge filer and burnishing tool.  

Where one has multiple projects on the go with project pieces of different sizes a set of auxiliary workbenches are extremely useful. These allow us to work at comfortable heights. Over the last year we’ve made 3. And here they are.

For heritage projects where we need to match profiles we’ve made a scratchstock.

For circular saws to work perfectly & safely they need to be kept ’tuned’. Ours needed its riving knife realigning so a happy morning was spent making microscopic adjustments. 

Our pillar drill has an adjusting nut for which we had no correct spanner so we reground one to fit. 
And finally we’ve made some bars and a wall mount for some sash clamps heads we were donated.