Today's Various Workshop Repairs

In many ways todays jobs are relatively prosaic but the are about fixing things with what we have. That requires an imaginative approach and all fixing solutions have come from a Heritage craft tradition. True the picture frame, featured below, repair uses a modern epoxy filler but traditionally some plaster of plastic filler would probably have been used. The picture frame glue up and the chair stretcher jobs both use techniques straight from the lexicon of Heritage skills. 

We have a faux ebony frame which has a chipped and damaged finish. This we will repair with a black epoxy filler. Before the filler hardens it has a consistency of Plasticene so can be moulded into the required shape. 

Gluing up a 'Picture Frame'

We were asked to help glue up a frame that was to take splash back tiles. We have no readily available corner clamps so we made our own corner blocks. These would be tightly wound around the frame with a rope tourniquet. Before the rope gets tight it is a tricky operation holding everything in place. To aid assembly one frame side was clamped to the table. This clamping was improvised using blocks of wood spanning the table.

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Chair Frame Stretcher

This chair was missing a stretcher rod between the legs. Our first task was to make a replacement rod of the correct diameter. It rod was not of a standard size so we fabricated one. We start with some square section stock held in a cradle.

The corners of this stock are planned off. 

And so by planning corner off we end up with a piece of rod ready to be fixed into the chair.