Lamp Stand & Lattice

It may seem rather grand but we have two workshops. One does mainly our up-cycling courses and the other repairs and making things from scratch. Our opening photograph starts with a lamp standard that has been refinished for a client. 
And then we’ve been gluing together the lattice slats that were prepared yesterday. These are for the umbrellas stand conversion first posted on 11 Nov. 2023. However before the lattice slats are glued up they’re offered up to the main frame to make sure they fit as intended. Adjustments, if necessary are easier to make to individual slats rather than complete frame.

As we were happy with the dry fit the lattices were glued together. 

After that task we had an assessment of a pair of bedside tables made by Remploy. These need minimal work to bring them back to their former 1970’s glory.

The underside of the bedside cabinet. Some companies make dating furniture a breeze!!

And our final job of the day was to make some corner shelves. These are photos of the undersides.