Fixing A Hole

Continuing with the umbrella stand conversion areas of the existing frame needs holes filling. Our first photo shows a hole and a block of timber ready for piecing in. Fortunately we had an off cut of original material  that made matching of grains and colour easier. 

The timber block was carefully cut to match the hole’s width. The trick is to cut infill pieces oversize, glue them in, and when the glue is set trim to size. 

Here is trimming in progress. 

Working on parts of the frame was tricky because they were both recessed and had small spaces. To get into these recesses we used a thumb router, and  chisel. The thumb router is essentially a blade held in a small metal base. Seen in the following photo. 


On some areas of the frame the router’s base was too large so we improvised by mounting a cutter in a wood block, as we see here.

And this is the filled hole prior to sanding ready for painting.