More Work on the Glastonbury Chair

 This decorative panel comes from the back rest  of the Glastonbury chair. We’ve started by gluing a piece of oak board, of the same thickness, to the panel. The extra bit is oversize and will be trimmed to size later. In such work getting the sequence of operations right goes a long way to making an easier job. 
You’ll see that the missing part of the motif has been marked out ready for scoring

And here’s the panel excess being planned down to size.

The lines of the motif has been scored, the precise tool used has been lost in the mists of time so we’ve had to figure out our own solution. The original lines have been scratched/scored in so we’ve decided to file a 5mm dia. bolt into the desired slot profile. As per this photo.

There’s no particular magic in using a 5mm dia. bolt other than a) we had one spare and b) it fitted neatly into our thumb router.

On other matters we’re working on reducing the length of a pew to a 2 seater for a customer.

And in our up-cycling studio a chest of drawers is being given a new lease of life. Here’s the carcass.

And these are the drawer fronts.

And there for the moment we have it.